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Art of the seas

“What we must do is encourage a sea of change in attitude, one that acknowledges that we are part of the living world, not apart from it.”
-Sylvia Earle

Our Mission

At Art of the Seas, we strive to protect the world we live in and the oceans that greatly support life on this planet by collaborating with local governments, strategic partners, educational organizations, artists, and communities to revitalize deteriorating reefs and restore underwater ecosystems in areas that have been adversely affected by various factors. 

Our mission is to assist nature by designing and installing eco-friendly artificial reefs, combining the beauty of man-made art with the beauty of natural art in the ocean.

We are focused on partnering with companies that are in the practice of coral restoration so we can combine forces by creating artificial reefs to outplant healthy coral that can rebuild the ecosystem. By doing this we can help form balance in the coexistence of humans and nature.

We believe that, as people, we share the world we live in with all wildlife and should do our part to conserve our environment. Due to extensive coral bleaching from climate change and increased susceptibility to disease, it is crucial for us to mitigate other stressors on these vital habitats.

Our organization will promote education to recreational users of the seas to protect the animals from additional harm, while still being able to enjoy the beauty the ocean provides. 

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